(*Pronounced FUG-FOO)

If you are offended by harsh language, this post is not for you. FOGFO is a real condition, and while I considered renaming it to tame it, that would not do justice to the destructive effects of this disorder.

FOGFO is the Fear Of Getting (      ) Over.

This syndrome takes FOMO, lights it on fire and tosses it like a hand grenade into your daily  interactions. And while FOMO is just a general feeling that you are missing out on the good things others are enjoying, FOGFO is the belief that everyone (life itself)  is out to rip you off, pull one over on you and keep you from whatever it is you feel you deserve.

A strong sense of entitlement is the foundation of this condition followed closely by a non-negotiable need for rules, fairness and order.  The FOGFU sufferer spends a lot of time railing against perceived injustices on a micro (personal) level. Macro level issues (such as those seen on the evening news) are also personalized leading to further anger and feelings of being collectively screwed over by greater forces.

The cure for FOGFO requires nothing less than being born again, if not in the Christian sense, then at least in a philosophical one. Understanding that “life isn’t fair” is a pivotal starting point.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 7.39.30 am

If this concept is embraced, the FOGFO sufferer can still continue to demand what’s fair and equitable but not with the added emotional angst of feeling personally, or cosmically, persecuted.

I know of many, tormented FOGFO sufferers living “shields up” in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and agitation.  It’s exhausting for them and annoying for others, so much so that I felt this problem needed to be diagnosed as “a thing.”

Giving it a name was step #1.

I thought FOGFO was a fitting one, but I’m open to other (less offensive) suggestions..👍

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