Here come the “Harvesters..”

Attention: This is an interruption in my NO POLITICS PLEDGE to share something important that I recently learned..sorry, had to do it.

You may recall that ALL of the California Republican candidates who were winners after polls closed on election night in last year’s mid-terms wound up losing in recounts..every single one.

That may not raise eyebrows in Venezuela, but how exactly did that happen here?

Here’s how: California Democrats instituted a series of major changes after the last presidential election including provisions designed to get every resident a ballot.

More importantly, California now allows “ballot harvesters.”

A harvester is someone who goes around collecting those ballots. ANYONE can be a harvester and go ANYWHERE looking for votes.

The problems with harvesting are obvious and complaints have already been lodged. The potential for fraud and coercion is boundless.

In close elections (and aren’t they all these days?) harvesters bagging valuable votes for their preferred candidates in real time–on election day– in targeted areas–in response to exit polls is critical. This is analogous to an NFL team drafting a few new players in the middle of the Super Bowl when they fear they may lose.

According to the WSJ, a record 250,000 votes were delivered by California harvesters on Election Day.  Combine these quick reaction, harvesting strike teams with same day registration, liberal acceptance of provisional ballots and the fact that ALL ballots delivered or postmarked on Election Day are counted and that’s how every single Republican who won, later lost.

House Democrats in DC are now trying to bring California style election changes, including legalized harvesting, to all 50 states.

And you thought annoying ads and robo-calls were the worst part of elections..How’d you like harvesters ringing your doorbell five times a day, every day, until you relent?

Then again, if you live in certain neighborhoods, your bell may never ring.

screen shot 2019-01-19 at 7.01.32 am



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  1. Denise Lorraine Davis says:

    ‘Vote fraud shouldn’t be easy” for either party. Great article in WSJ in December about GOP using same tactic in the 9th District of North Carolina. We need a better system entirely.

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    1. Cindy says:

      HI DENISE!! 😃We all agree that fraud needs to be stamped out. What concerns me here is the legalization of “harvesting” which is illegal in all other states. Not only would it obviously lead to more fraud, but at what point does bullying people for votes cross over into territory that is an absolute intolerable (but legal) invasion of privacy? The robo-calls and TV ads are bad enough, but at least I can turn off my phone and my TV. I just cannot imagine a world where self appointed ballot collectors are legally allowed to come to my house to pester me about whether I voted yet or not.


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