The Spark.

I felt a spark- I swear I did.

I held those jeans close to my heart and closed my eyes..those jeans with the flowers on them that fit like a glove..those jeans that I have NEVER worn.. ever.

I felt the same “joy” holding them in my arms as I experienced when I tried them on at the mall about 15 years ago. Combine the “never wearing” with the “joy sparking” and you’ll understand why these pants have silently ‘hung in there’ in the back of my closet for so many years. Do I love these pants? Yes, I really do. Have I ever worn them? Nope.


Marie Kondo is the organizational expert taking over the world with her “Kondo method” of tidying up. The ultimate goal of the Kondo method is to only make space in your life (and in your home) for things that spark joy.  To organize your home, you quite literally hold each item you own, close your eyes and wait for a feeling..

Sounds simple enough until you find yourself standing in front of the mirror, sparking joy all over the place in flowered pants you don’t have the courage to wear.

What then?

I’ll tell you what then.. you use the Cindy method and it’s pretty brutal.

Forget joy and sparks, I just ask myself this simple question:

If I had to move out of my house tomorrow and live in a teeny apartment for a year, would I take the pants with me, pay to keep them in storage or give them to Goodwill? I know this sounds extreme, but years ago my friend’s husband took a job in the middle east and she was faced with this very question.  They rented out their beautiful, large home in Virginia Beach, packed the bare essentials, got rid of stuff they didn’t want and paid to store the rest.

Back to my comfortable jeans with the fiesta of flowers arranged all over them.. would I take them with me if my husband took a job in the middle east?


Would I pay to have them stored in one of those air-conditioned facilities until I returned?


I confidently folded up my flower-power jeans and put them in a bag with other clothes that didn’t make the cut…but when the grumpy guy at Goodwill unceremoniously tossed my bag into the back of an overflowing 18-wheeler later that same day-my heart unexpectedly sank. “What a jerk” I thought, “this fool thinks this is just another bag of useless junk!”

Insulted, I considered climbing into the truck to reclaim my pants, but there were five cars lined up behind me at that point. I reminded myself that I would not take these to Kuwait with me, nor would I pay to store them.. I also have never worn them, so there’s that.

But I swear..

I thought I saw my bag sparking as I drove away.





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