The Lazy-Girl Vacuum

Does anyone enjoy house cleaning? And if you don’t, which aspect is the worst for you?

One of the worst parts for me (and there are many) is vacuuming. Part of the reason is the vacuum itself- it’s heavy, it’s cumbersome, it’s got that super long cord.. and doing the stairs is just ugh. So I was especially excited to receive the MAKITA battery operated, stick vacuum as a gift last Christmas.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 7.07.42 AM.png

The Makita vacuum isn’t pretending to be anything it’s special attachments, spinning brushes or the like. It won’t transform into nuthin’, it simply is what it is.

This is a lazy-girl vacuum for quick jobs.

Got hair on the bathroom floor, crumbs in the kitchen, dust on the stairs, dirt by your front door? This lightweight, battery operated tool is your go-to helper for these type of quick clean-ups. Our kids are all grown, these are our big disasters, just lots of little quick clean-ups.

The Makita’s battery charge lasts a surprisingly long time allowing me to keep it in spots where I know I will need it.  No more going downstairs to drag the old heavy vacuum back up or visa versa. The long neck does detach enabling you to use it as a powerful hand-vac for cleaning out drawers and for the car- what a bonus!

All in all, I give this Makita vacuum two enthusiastic thumbs up.

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 7.12.09 am

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