Reflections on the past week..

This is what I’ve learned:

There are GOOD people in the world! My wonderful hairdresser fit me into her busy schedule yesterday. We’ve had a few crazy weeks here, and it wasn’t until I got gussied up for a dinner-date with my husband that I realized I was in dire need of having my gray roots colored. She didn’t need to do me this favor, but she did.

I adore my dog. This nutty puppy makes me laugh and smile at least 50 times a day AND she gets me out into the world.  I have met so many great people simply because I’m out walking this adorable fluff-ball. (And yes, that’s a picture of the little rascal tangled up in the bra she “rescued” from the laundry basket)

I need to watch how much I drink. When we went out to eat earlier this week I had a cocktail before dinner followed by two glasses of red wine with my meal. The next morning I was not horribly hung over, just “cloudy” in the head. My Old Fashioned was perfection, the wine was terrific, but consumed all together not at all worth the mental mushiness I felt the next day.

My husband is a very good man. I don’t know why God blessed me with this fellow, but He did. My guy’s life has been hectic and stressful as of late and yet he is so present with, (and attentive to) me. We truly are a team.

My first week’s entry into the “52 LISTS FOR HAPPINESS” journal has led to positive change. When I listed the simple things that make me happy I realized I could intentionally incorporate quite a few of them into my schedule on a daily basis. Regularly touching base with these “wellness triggers” (for lack of a better term) AND valuing them as the important touch points that they are, has had an undeniable, cumulative, positive impact.

Hope you had a great week.. 💜



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  1. ksbeth says:

    What a wonderful week, filled with kindness,gratitude, and reflection

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    1. Cindy says:

      ..and one teeny, tiny-ish, hangover..haha.😉

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