Listening to Understand..

What a difference a day makes.

Had the Belk Bowl taken place 24 hours earlier, we would have been sitting on wet seats in a cold and unrelenting rain. Instead we enjoyed a warm and sunny afternoon of football in weather that was more like September than December.



The game itself was a blow-out. (28-0) Poor South Carolina looked hapless against Virginia. At one hopeful point in the third quarter on about the 5 yard line, Carolina’s quarterback threw the ball at a receiver who was wide open in the end zone.  The football zinged like a bullet right behind the kid’s back as he suddenly, inexplicably, turned to run in the opposite direction. It was at that moment that fans dressed in maroon started streaming out of the stadium.

No doubt South Carolina was outmatched, but it was embarrassingly clear they were having problems communicating amongst each other as well. You simply can’t work as an effective team if you don’t listen and understand.

When we get together as a family, especially at the holidays, we often talk about the “old days”  when everyone still lived under one roof.  It’s interesting is to hear the kids’ perspectives being honestly shared now that they are adults. Sometimes these revelations are hysterically funny, sometimes they hurt, often they reveal the communication problems that almost all parents have with teenagers and the assumptions that were wrongly made because of this lack of understanding.

Clearly there were some failed plays on both sides of the ball.

Thankfully we’re still a team and the season is far from over.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 6.26.44 AM



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