Sitting Ducks..

Men..God love ’em.

They can be sitting ducks at Christmas and retailers are ready to pick ’em off..

Let me set the scene: John comes flying into the make-up department at 6:39pm on Christmas Eve and glides into Chantel’s field of vision. She’s been crouched behind her tall lipstick display waiting for those frantic eyes..and she’s ready.  She’s ready to sell him that set of make-up brushes, you know.. the one that’s usually free with a $25 purchase..

And poor John? This sitting duck will pay for those free brushes, wrap them in lovely holiday paper, stick a bow on top and never know any better unless his wife or girlfriend tells him.

And therein lies the dilemma for speak up and risk ruffling feathers.. or to just let it go..

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 6.35.43 AM

My wonderful husband volunteered to brave the crowded grocery store to pick up some things I needed the other day and surprised me with a poinsettia. It was a lovely gesture, but the plant was near death. When I gingerly inquired how much he paid for it..he said “a couple dollars I think.” A secret glance at the bottom of the foiled pot revealed the ‘sitting duck sticker price’ was $6.99.

The next morning, while my hero was at Home Depot, I jumped into the car with the plant and drove back to the store. It’s not that I can’t deal with a skinny plant on my counter, it’s that the store was selling hospice-ready plants to men who don’t know any better and this was a holiday wrong that had to be “righted!”  I told the guy at customer service that I wanted to return the “Charlie Brown Poinsettia” my husband had purchased the day before. He gave me a look, like “wow, what a *****” and gave me the money.

For $2 more I bought a much healthier plant.

My sweet little duck won’t even notice, God love him..

and if he does, I’ll simply say I fertilized the plant..

and lo and behold,

it changed color, busted out new leaves and grew a bow.





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