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I take it back.

At least I would if I could.

I’m not 100% sure what I was thinking when I bought this shirt, but I’m pretty sure the sale price was the motivator.

I haven’t worn it once.

Today I am finally putting this gaudy thing in my bag for Goodwill. I am tired of facing it every time I slide open my closet door.

I mean look at those colors..

YOU try to ignore it.

I’m over feeling bad about this purchase and unlike other poor decisions that carry much weightier consequences, maybe someone else will benefit from this.

Then again, maybe not..

3 comments on “I take it back.

  1. My husband has a saying, when he sees a guy in a terrible shirt, he calls it a ‘No Dad’ shirt, as in No Dad, don’t wear that hideous thing!! Don’t worry, I have bought many a ‘No Lilly’ article of clothing, and shoes!

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    • HAHA!!! It must have been the price..that’s my only defense..never stopping to think that it was on clearance for a reason..temporarily lost my mind…and went blind.

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      • I have done it more times than enough, especially with shoes, finally last weekend I couldn’t get another single shoe in the cupboard, so had a ruthless clear out, donated 15 pairs of the most uncomfortable, but cute, shoes on the planet!!

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