Door Busters

Thank goodness it’s over. Cyber Monday just about wore me out. Every time I flipped opened my lap top, some new e-mail popped up with an urgent message linking me to yet another door buster.

FOMO kept me clicking..

And so there I was late last night, sitting in bed with my glowing laptop on 9% battery power staring at a set of flannel sheets with reindeer heads on them wondering if they’d match my beach-themed master bedroom.

Clearly the answer was “no” and yet the price was so low, so great, so door-bustery I was finding it hard to move on..which I finally did after about ten minutes, to the super-cute, aquamarine, 7 quart crock-pot.

I think have three crock pots..

But none of them are aquamarine..and that my friends, would match my bedroom. 😉



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  1. ksbeth says:

    glad that you and your computer survived

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thanks! And I’m proud to report that I ultimately purchased nothing..not even the super cute crock all I did was waste time. (Maybe I shouldn’t be so proud after all..ha.) 🙄

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