I can’t live without this..

(OK, so that’s a bit dramatic..but you get my point.)

I LOVE Lysol with hydrogen peroxide! This cleanser gets my bathroom sparkling clean with absolute minimal effort.  The real bonus has been the way it cuts through soap (shampoo?) residue on our glass shower surround.

When we initially had the glass installed, they applied a special compound that was meant to make cleaning easier. I felt it made cleaning darn near impossible so we removed it- (no easy task!)  Truth is, the untreated glass was no ‘treat’ to keep clean either…that is until in desperation I reached for this bottle of Lysol. Lo and behold, after spraying the stuff on, letting it sit for a few minutes and wiping the glass down, all of that yucky soap scum came right off- no streaks either.

Target sells this product for less than $3 and I’m sure Walmart does too.  I’ve seen it other places as well but at significantly higher price points.  Do yourself a huge favor and give this Friday Favorite a try, especially in your kitchen and bathroom.

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