This (really) is the morning….really.

Arriving back from Florida (two Thursdays ago) I fancied I’d be heroic and head back to the gym to swim laps the very next day, Friday morning, the ONE morning I’d have in Charlotte before leaving on a three day mini-vacation to the mountains. I woke up nice and early (never a problem for me) and said..

This is the morning..

And it was.. until I took Daisy outside to her little patch of grass and discovered it was raining and FREEZING. When we ran back into the house, my wet little puppy beelined it for her warm, dry bed..and so did I. (mine, not hers) Clearly, this was not the morning.

“The following Tuesday would be a much better morning to start back” I reasoned as I hid under my lovely feather bed..fresh from our trip, nice and rested..yes, Tuesday would be a great day to get back in the groove.

This is the morning..

I thought when Tuesday arrived, but yeah, no. I still had zero food in the house and too many other chores to accomplish after having been away for several weeks..I mean hey, those toilets needed urgent scrubbing. November the 1st would seriously be a far superior day to know, nice, new month and all. Thursday, November 1 arrived and I thought..

This is the morning.. so much. That was the morning I decided to change the theme of my blog and spend about five miserable hours in widget & customization hell looking for the glass slipper that would best fit my bulging content..not an easy task, but a fantastic excuse to stay home. I thought ahead to the following week and all..that might work.

So here I am today..Monday..up nice and early thanks to the time change..It’s raining like it was on the first day I bailed out, we’re low on food again like the second time I bailed out and  my  blog is still glitchy like the last time I bailed out, but by golly..

This…is REALLY the morning!


Update: I went! I drove to the gym, swam my laps, spent ten minutes in the jacuzzi, took a shower, drove home and realized I threw my good bathing suit in the gym’s laundry chute along with my wet towels.

You just can’t make this stuff up… 🙄 …but I guess that’s one way to get me back there tomorrow!


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  1. Hilarious! isn’t that just life huh! you are really funny, love your blog!

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    1. Cindy says:

      No good deed goes unpunished as they say..I guess that includes finally getting my sorry, lazy rear end to the gym! Thanks for visiting! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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