My husband..I love him.

I just had to make that point before I blast-off into a critique of his bartending skills- poor guy. His heart is so pure, so giving, so true, but his cocktails are..well, a bit like the weather on rocket launch day…  unpredictable?

Two recent case(s) in point:

The other night, after a long journey back to North Carolina from Florida, I filled the tub and settled in for a relaxing, restorative soak.  Within minutes, my sweetie was serving me a cosmo..a blood red cosmo.

yeah- it looked like this

“Wow, this is really strong” I said, “what did you use?”

Well, turns out we were out of cranberry juice so he used cranberry concentrate instead. “I’m sure it’s fine” I insisted…then tossed and turned all night long as the concoction blazed its way through my system. 🚀

A few weeks prior we were at a family get-together in Florida and my hubby made cosmos for me and my sister-in-law.

yeah- they looked like this

“Wow, that’s an unusual color” I said, “what did you use?”

Well, turns out that my mother-in-law’s lime juice expired in 2012.. “I’m sure it’s fine,” my husband insisted..but he’s the same guy who will scrape the “fur” off old sour cream and call it fresh..

We didn’t drink it.

Honey-  I adore you, but it’s time to follow a recipe. Somewhere between a drink with enough cranberry to cure Urinary Tract Infections and one with enough aged lime to dissolve the enamel off my teeth is the perfect cosmo- it’s out there, I know it is..

Let’s search the galaxy for it together .. 💜

09ROUNDUPA2-jumbo,A Simple Pantry,The New York Times

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