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My journey to ‘color & light’


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Hi there and welcome! As you can see, my name is Cindy..I am a 56 year old blogger, wife and mother of four grown kids: one married, all of them out in the world, energetically pursuing their dreams and careers. “Home base” is split for us with one foot firmly planted in sunny Florida and the other in beautiful North Carolina. My husband and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary..❤️  We met while I was in high school and he was a midshipman at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. He was the very first guy I dated after moving to the United States from (what was then still) West Germany.

I often say it was love at “second sight.”

While our initial romance faded after less than a year, we ran into each other for the second time right after he had graduated and I was home on break from the University of Colorado. My husband will tell you we clicked that second time because I had finally “matured…” HA!! 😉 Whatever the reason, we scooped up “the ball”  and started running with it..

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The rest, as they say, is history.

As is common for many military families, we moved around quite a bit in those early years and kept right on moving after my sailor left the Navy. I call our children the “four corner kids” because our first was born in Washington State, the second was born in California, the third in Florida and the fourth in Pennsylvania. I consider our family exceedingly fortunate to have lived in so many different places and to have made so many precious, life-long friends.

Staying true to their nomadic roots, our grown kids are spread all over the map today.  Sometimes it makes me a bit melancholy that no one lives close by, but hearing about their adventures and seeing how hard-working and independent they all are makes us super  proud and happy. We also have our little Havanese puppy, Daisy, to keep us company.  This little fuzz ball is a constant source of energy, laughter and joy.

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Why the blog–

For starters, I have always loved the written word. I was a letter writer and stamp collector from as early as I can remember and have always believed in the power of carefully crafted communication. I started my blog back in 2015 but recently decided to fine tune the space to reflect an important ‘pivot to positivity’ that I’ve implemented in my own life. I’m not ignoring reality (I read the paper every day) I’m simply choosing to mitigate the impact of discord and division in my life..and on my blog.

This refreshed content reflects my commitment to find and share the hospitality, friendship, spiritual nourishment and positivity that we all so desperately crave.  If I ever fall flat in this endeavor, I hope you feel free to set me straight.  Thanks for taking the time to read; I am so glad you’re here.


💜, Cindy

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