Love in a magic jar.

Hands down, one of my favorite gifts of all time was a mercury jar from my kids. All of them were home for the holidays including my son’s wife. I guess they sat around one night thinking of loving things to say about me, printed them out and cut them into strips that were put into the jar.

I won’t, I can’t, share the sentiments because they are so precious, funny (!!) and meaningful ( I don’t want my mascara to run..) but any mom can well imagine what she would want her grown kids to say..

If you are having a hard time thinking of a sweet gift, let me suggest a magic jar filled with words of love.❤️




4 comments on “Love in a magic jar.

  1. That is so thoughtful! What is a mercury jar itself?

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    • You can probably get them at any craft store. They have a silvery shine to them so you can’t see the paper strips inside..I keep mine on a shelf under my window where it reflects the afternoon sun. So pretty and shouldn’t be expensive.


  2. Awwwwww…..what an amazing gift…..I almost cried thinking of your face when you opened it!

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  3. Yup- I wasn’t expecting anything like that at all!- (I was happy enough with the jar!! – not realizing it had anything it in- HAHA) You know the part that touched me most was visualizing them all sitting in the family room taking the time to do this..I have to tell you, I was really touched. 😭Did you see we each got a bedroom dresser after all this time?? I texted “Mr. T” this morning to tell him that I still can’t get over how happy it’s made me to have drawers..He txts back “well, it’s like going without chocolate for a year and then sitting down to a box of the swiss stuff..” I was like “hey honey, this ain’t Ethan Allen here..let’s be real, that would be the furniture equivalent of swiss chocolate…. IT’S IKEA!!!!.. so that’s a bit more like a Hershey’s Kiss..but hey, it’s been a year living out of boxes and bins so I’ll happily take it!!!


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