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Putting a shine on darkness

I watched an old episode of Parts Unknown last night. Anthony Bourdain was in Berlin doing what he always did..explore local culture and cuisine. The food looked great, lots of Wurst and Kraut, but the “people part” was profoundly unsettling.

The folks he interviewed discussed 36 hour raves, booze, drugs and how awesome it was to freely explore the “art” of outright hedonism. Clearly there were no boundaries on the inferred sadism and debauchery.

Am I shocked by what I saw? Absolutely not.

I am though, saddened by the fact that people can commune over Schnitzel and beer flippantly shining the TV spotlight on self-destruction, darkness and possible mental illness as if no one ever loses their soul or their life to them.



Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 8.40.21 AM

3 comments on “Putting a shine on darkness

  1. a great point –

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  2. Those people who don’t have Jesus in their lives are missing out on so much. This other stuff does not leave you feeling fulfilled. Thanks Cindy!

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