All talk- no action…

I’m starting to believe that talking can potentially be the biggest obstacle to change. We talk about losing weight, we talk about exercising, we talk about going to church, opening a business, finishing that degree, starting a project, ending an unhealthy, talk talk.

We talk as if the talking itself is phase one AND phase two of ‘doing’ something–

— it’s not.

Now I’m not saying that discussing decisions, goals and ideas is a bad thing..but all too often, the blah, blah blah is all there ever’s the UBER that carries us to the airport, but we never bought a ticket to get on the plane.

I guess there’s a reason for the phrase “quiet resolve.” Maybe silence is the signal that we are finally ready to to move forward..We stop talking about what we need to do and just take flight.



photocredit: Nike, Jolene,Benjamin Mitchell’s Blog



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