Going there…


So I’m sipping my morning coffee,  listening to the news, gliding on my eye-liner,when I suddenly catch a glimpse of it; a wee little gelatinous blob on the white of my right eye. I close my eyelids and give them a quick rub. The blob is still there, in the exact same spot. I wet a Q-tip and try to wipe it away.  Again..no movement.

The mind is an amazing thing. I’m telling you that mine is equipped with solid rocket boosters that can take me from mild concern to full-on-freak-out in less than 2 seconds. One minute I’m trying to dislodge sleep in my eye, the next I’m pricing decorative eye patches on Amazon and wondering whether glass eyes (like dentures) need to be taken out at night.

I just “go there.”  I wish I didn’t, but I do. It’s as if I have to at least consider the worst case scenarios and almost make peace with them before I can relax. By the time I got to my eye doc yesterday I had prayed that the blob was nothing serious, accepted my possible fate, and thanked God for having had such a long run with two eyes. Seems like an awful lot of  mental groundwork, but this is how I process stuff.

The diagnosis was a tiny cyst, most likely caused by allergies, and my optometrist predicted it would resolve itself on its own.

So I still have both my eyeballs securely locked in place.. I wish I hadn’t explored all of the scary, nasty other potential outcomes, but the silver lining to all of that is a profound sense of gratitude for something I take for granted every day.


I can see…with both eyes.  Thank you Jesus.










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