Monday “go-getter” / Wednesday “forgetter”

I laid out two small expectations for the week..

Don’t laugh, these are seriously small goals, but I know how undisciplined I am, and I had to start somewhere.

#1 Drink 68 ounces of water every day

#2 Take my vitamins- all of them-every day.


My problem isn’t ability; it’s consistency. 

I’m  a Monday go getter..


but a Wednesday forgetter.




photocredit:Fitness & Wellness News,Runner’s World





11 comments on “Monday “go-getter” / Wednesday “forgetter”

  1. good luck with your good beginning )

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    • Thanks- the water part is tricky, if I don’t “get it all down” before 5pm, I know it’s gonna be a rough night..HAHA!!


  2. I am guilty of this too, I wrote out a great exercise chart of great variety of choice in option and put it on my white board for a month of workouts.. I lasted two days… I am great at the water and vitamins and my daily greens..

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    • At least you know though that you CAN stick to something…I was starting to think I couldn’t commit to ONE blessed thing anymore! Right now, I’m staring at about 60 ounces of water in my decanter..and by golly, I’m going to get busy because I did it all this week and I’m not going to blow it this last day..On the exercise part I went for only three days because i know me too well..and I was desperate for success this week more than anything..just getting myself to the gym was a MAJOR deal..and I only did 1/2 hour on the treadmill specifically to work my heart hard and then leave..did a little free-weight stuff at home but didn’t add that to my list cause I know this is an area I can easily give up in. All in all I’m pretty proud just accomplishing these three small things..a few nights were rough because I didn’t drink all my water before 6pm..but I did it. Not adding anything new this week either..just want to see if I can do this again.

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  3. You know…you can always start over on Thursdays. The calendar is a human construct; there’s nothing magic about Monday.

    I start over a lot. LOL

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    • I think Monday is what it is because of Friday, Saturday and maybe even Sunday..

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      • Hmm. Well yeah but Saturday or Sunday would be good “start fresh” days. As would the 1st of the month, or the full moon.

        Unless there are still cookies in the house. Then…let’s wait till Monday.

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