Daisy, my traveling buddy.🐶

Road trips are so exciting…and exhausting!


(Summer book recommendation: Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain. I listened to this audiobook while driving last week.  It was truly moving and thought provoking especially in light of Bourdain’s recent, shocking suicide. To hear Anthony, in his own voice, recount his life’s story: his personal battles, his successes, his failures, his harrowing and crazy experiences, his passions, his goals and to realize it all came to a crashing end at his own hand..well, let’s just say I’m still processing.

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  1. LA says:

    So cute

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    1. Cindy says:

      She is a doll, really a sweet soul and a wonderful companion. We are so blessed.

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      1. LA says:

        I just wanted to cuddle her!!

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      2. Cindy says:

        She is cuddlicious that’s for sure. Previous to Daisy, we had a Bichon for 16 years and while we dearly loved him, he was SO aggressive with strange dogs and strange people-such a bummer for us…Daisy, on the other hand, is just charming and sweet..loves everyone..such a wonderful change for me to have a dog with an easy-going personality, a real blessing.

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      3. LA says:



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