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Our new puppy is as sharp as a tack, and I’m not just talking about her teeth.  This little girl has been sleeping through the night since day one, does her business outside, knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, stay and ring her bell to go outside. BUT…the walking on leash has been a tremendous challenge.. she’s just not into it one bit. We’ve tried treats, big hugs, little tugs..nothing works.. unless…

unless..we are headed home.

I’m not kidding, this dog has the brakes on until the exact moment I turn around and announce “Daisy, let’s go home!” Suddenly, she’s all afterburners as we literally race back to the driveway.

The indisputable, raw power of being motivated by a specific and personally meaningful and desirable goal..

it even works with puppies!


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  1. So cute and stubborn,lol


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