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My daughter returned to her apartment yesterday after a whirlwind, week-end trip to Texas for a wedding. She was tired, but excited to put together the new bed set that had arrived in the mail while she was gone. She texted me a series of pictures asking me my opinion on her choice, and when she was convinced the set was a “keeper,” painstakingly ironed the duvet and the shams and assembled her bed.

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After she was done, she left her apartment, took a short walk to her office to gather some paperwork and returned to find that her cat had jumped on her bed and peed in the middle of her brand new bedding ensemble.

She called me from the laundry facility in the basement of her building to vent. This is not the first time her 12 year old cat has done this, in fact this behavior has been a serious problem for over a decade costing my daughter untold amounts of money and causing frequent episodes of extreme exasperation. I don’t know many-if any- who would tolerate this situation, but she saved this tormented feline from certain doom years ago and steadfastly stays true to her commitment to care for her.

My daughter’s love for this crazy animal reminds me of the incomprehensible, sacrificial costly and unconditional love that God lavishes on undeserving “cats” like me. I can think of no simpler, no better, example.




photocredit:Kathy Howard


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  1. What a lovely post, despite the cat pee. Your poor daughter and her love of her old cat. A wonderful testament to unconditional love and forgiveness. ❤

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