THINK FIRST—There was a pretty big part of me that wanted to ‘let-it-rip’ after dealing with her miserable team for three, long, frustrating days..

We recently had hurricane shutters installed on our home. These are permanently affixed to the house which means that dragging those heavy, sharp, metal panels back and forth to the garage before and after a storm is a thing of the past-  thank goodness!

Unfortunately, the guys who installed the shutters were sloppy and moody. Thank goodness my husband was there to monitor the job and make sure everything was functional and properly attached.

When it came time to pay, I drove to this company’s office because I wanted to have a ‘sit down’ with the owner and share our experience with her. I was ushered to a table in an area off the main showroom, paid my bill, and waited there for her to finish up a conversation she was having with another customer..a very heated conversation.

I couldn’t quite understand what the actual problem was, but the loud, foul language was easy to make out. It got so bad that at one point I heard the owner say, “now you need to stop that; stop talking to me like that..”

Oh, oh.

When the woman finally came to sit with me she looked like she was ready for round two.  I thought about how badly I wanted to lay into her about her lousy crew and their lousy attitudes but I figured I should tailor my conversation around the one she just had.

I started out by saying how great the shutters looked on our home and how happy I was to finally have them….BUT….and then I respectfully and honestly told her what I thought she should know about her workers.  I told her I felt I owed her the feedback and if it was my company, I’d want to know.

Was my conversation super satisfying?


There was a pretty big part of me that wanted to let-it-rip after dealing with her miserable team for three, long, frustrating days..but as I listened to that nasty, old guy blasting away at her before me, I had time to ask myself what I wanted from this interaction.

Did I want to be constructive or simply destructive?

I was actually grateful that I was able to sit and listen to the arguing and yelling before I got my chance to speak because it gave me an opportunity to hear what I could have sounded like..(minus the cursing of course.)

I left our conversation with a smile on my face and my integrity intact because I had the chance to think before I spoke..and something tells me that I went on to have a much better day than the grouchy, old man who left before me.





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4 comments on “THINK FIRST—There was a pretty big part of me that wanted to ‘let-it-rip’ after dealing with her miserable team for three, long, frustrating days..

  1. a very good thing to remember

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  2. Ma’am, this is a very excellent article, thank you for sharing it with us/me. You are correct, it is much better if we can think about things before we open our mouth, better yet, if we take a little time to pray about what we are planning to say. I liked your article so I am going to reblog it for you.

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