The “Right”Choice-and how we torture ourselves making it.


“On the train of life, emotions make a great caboose but a lousy engine.”- This is just one of the “thought pearls” I have been collecting from James MacDonald’s book; The Will of God is the Word of God.

I was always under the impression that God had a very specific will for every single facet of my life.  My job was to pray that God would reveal His perfect will for me so that I could make the “right” choice- every single time..

the right college

the right home

the right guy

the right job

on and on and on…

MacDonald uses scripture to dismantle this construct and liberate us from its clutches. He paints a picture of God that is much bigger, so big that His will is ultimately achieved regardless of the choices we make in life. He also discusses how bogged down people get worrying that if they make the “wrong” decision they are somehow outside of God’s plan and the doo-doo is gonna hit the fan.  I’ll be honest, what Mr. MacDonald proposes has challenged my spiritual life to the very core.

MacDonald posits that God is much less concerned with us seeking His will than He is with us seeking Him. 

Our sanctification, our journey to become more Christ-like, is what this life is all about…period.

Yes, we should aim to do what’s pleasing in God’s eyes and the bible is full of guidelines on that.  Yes, we also should make smart choices based on data and advice we trust.  And yes, we need to avoid being driven by “feelings” “superstition” and “signs”.  But no, picking the Mazda over the Prius does not have eternal implications so..relax.




photocredit:Lifehacker,mostpato – DeviantArt

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