Organizing Life.

This past week-end (at my insistence) my daughter and I organized her closet and drawers. Every square inch was stuffed with wrinkled clothing..much of it too old, too big, too small or just plain way too ugly to ever wear.

I was surprised how much she fussed about keeping some of the stuff. I mean for real, how many high school sweat and T-shirts does one need in order to preserve the memories? She NEVER wore them anyway!

Once we were done, she had oodles of clear shelves, free space and, more importantly, an accurate picture of how much clothing she owned that was actually wearable…and guess what? It wasn’t much..which forced her to face the fact that it was long past time to start building a wardrobe reflective of her age, her job and her figure.

I noticed while we were “mid-purge” that my daughter also had a small bucket filled with loose change on her desk. “How much money do you think you have here?” I asked her to which she responded “Oh, maybe $200?”


That night, as I watched TV, I rolled the coins. I was surprised that there was only $100.50. I thought about how “off” my daughter was about the amount.. She thought there was so much more.  It reminded me of her messy closet and how she thought she owned so many clothes when in reality, she had so few that fit, were appropriate for her age and in good enough condition to be worn.


This is the beauty of taking the time to organize – refining and re-assessing what we’ve got going on. Whether it’s counting coins, getting rid of clothes we don’t wear, cleaning out the kitchen pantry, tossing out expired medicines or re-evaluating some of the activities we fill our days with…

when we step back,

thoughtfully review our lives

and get rid of that which no longer serves us,

the reward is

clarity and reality.

Who wouldn’t want more of that?




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  1. My daughter has moved home for a year after Grad school and did a full purge of her childhood room. Quite a task, but she is so happy to feel like she can breathe and loves empty space. A hard thing to move home after having your own apartment…

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    1. Cindy says:

      OH YEAH..I can only imagine how hard that is..on multiple levels!


  2. hmunro says:

    I’ll take $200 worth of clarity and reality, please. 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      HAHA!!- MEEE too!

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  3. My daughter just did this as she’s headed to college in (gasp) a week.

    One thing to think about – with old T-shirts, you can have a quilt made. They’re really fun and a great way to keep a lot of old, but dear, shirts.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Yup- I’ve seen those..Can’t believe with 4 kids I NEVER did that..and the T-shirts they collect in college- OH MY GOSH!!- It’s like not a “real event” if you don’t get a free T-shirt I guess..

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  4. That is a great post. Thanks for sharing it.

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  5. This is a great post! I have a 26 year old son who is coming home with his wife this week end. He does not know it yet but he is going to be sorting through what is left in the dresser drawers in what was his room :).

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    1. Cindy says:

      IT’S A MOM-TRAP!! 😂- HAHA!!! I did that with my grown kids. Everyone wanted the museum of my place! They were super sentimental about their stuff until I told them that they needed to take everything that was important to them -WITH them…Well, all of a sudden most of the stuff wasn’t all that meaningful after all.

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      1. I have had that same experience. It was also funny what they kept! My husband and I always tell them that as soon as they purchase a house they get all their “stuff”. The youngest does not own a home yet so he gets a pass for a bit…..other than all the clothes in the drawers….they will be sorted :).

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