TRIP OF A LIFETIME. I heard about the tragic crash and immediately texted my eldest daughter in St. Louis…

A small plane carrying ten American tourists had gone down in Costa Rica killing all onboard. It wasn’t that long ago that she herself had been on one of those small planes in the same area.  She had sent me pictures making funny remarks about how tiny her plane was and how she was feeling rather nervous about the flying.


They quickly identified half of the victims as being from one family in New York; a mom, dad and their three kids. Then my daughter in Florida called to tell me that there was another family on the plane and that they were from her area, in fact the mom and dad were both physicians who worked at the same hospital she does. She had just run into the father before the holidays as he had some paperwork to update in her office.  He and his wife perished along with their two teenaged kids.

How to absorb such enormous tragedy..?

Life can feel like a walk across a long bridge.  Every so often a plank gives way and someone unexpectedly falls through. There are two options for those left crossing the bridge: we can sit down in paralyzing fear hanging on to each other, or we can continue forward.. taking in the scenery, engaging with fellow travelers and enjoying the heck out of the journey.

These two families were on the trip of a lifetime.

Aren’t we all.

photo-1 (1)

photocredit: The Annoyed Thyroid

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