Whirlwind Week-end

It struck me as I pressed the elevator button to get to the hotel lobby that there aren’t many of these trips left.   Sliding the corrugated cuff up the foam cup and filling it with steaming coffee, I thought about our kids’ various college towns and how they each came to feel so comfortable and familiar during their four year stays. We have had favorite hotels, favorite food joints, Walmart and Target runs..more college sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, pennants, mugs and tumblers than you can imagine.

It was expensive..it was fun..and now that our youngest is a Junior, it’s almost over.

I picked up our daughter in Washington DC on Friday.  We moved her stuff back into her college digs in Virginia on Saturday and then drove back to Charlotte where we arrived just in time to catch the Nutcracker Ballet last night.  Needless to say she’s still fast asleep as I write this, no doubt catching up on weeks of cumulative sleep deprivation.  It was a busy week-end, and it had its moments of high stress..but it was also that special kind of excitement and fun that is unique to these road trips.

My husband and I have had at least one child in college (and/or grad school) for the past 14 years..

Hard to believe this chapter is coming to an end.

It’s been a great ride. 💜


Approaching DC as the sleet comes down:


The view from my hotel window..



Dinner at Le Diplomate- c’est magnifique!


China Town

IMG_0178 3


Outlet shopping in Virginia-  Why yes, we stood in line outside waiting to be ALLOWED into Kate Spade…who does that???


Holiday Scenes from Williamsburg


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  1. kimwilbanks says:

    I cried when we left Tuscaloosa for the last time. So many good memories!

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