The gift of simplifying your life.

It’s a good hurt; that feeling you get when your arms are so tired you can barely hold your coffee. It’s a good hurt because you know why you’re achy- you’ve been simplifying your life.

I’ve been cleaning out closets, pitching, donating and organizing “stuff” for two weeks.  I’ve made tough decisions about things we’ve collected by asking this simple question: “You really wanna dust this off again?”

I even dragged our old 9 1/2 foot Christmas tree to Goodwill and got a smaller one.

 I’m completely motivated by the potential and possibility of an empty drawer.

The more I clear away, the more I find myself..

who I used to be,

who I am today

who I want to be tomorrow.

5 comments on “The gift of simplifying your life.

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing….clearing stuff out, and you’re right!! I feel so much better now! It gives you a sense of peace to get rid of things. I literally feel lighter

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