Gratitude & Peace


I knew this was going to be a busy week..super I took out my daily planner last Sunday and divided up all of the things I needed to accomplish, tucking them around the many appointments already splattered across my calendar. I was feeling pretty proud of my forethought, organization and planning.

And then it started.

I had just gotten home from an errand yesterday morning and suffice it to say, something was suddenly wrong with me. Super long story short,  I ended up at an express clinic and was thankfully able to get medicine for my out-of-nowhere problem.

So yeah, that wasn’t on my list!

Even though I stayed up late last night trying to get back on track, a few things had to be pushed on to today’s list but you know what? It’s OK.  You know why? Because of perspective.

Perspective happens in that moment we are able (or forced) to look at life from outside our own bubble.

Have you ever stepped outside your own home on a dark evening during the holidays? I used to love looking through the windows at all the hub-bub going on.  The kids were running around, the decorations were twinkling, the TV was no doubt blaring, the dog was on the furniture..and there I was outside, all by myself in complete silence taking it all in from a totally different perspective..kinda like an astronaut looking down on earth.  In spite of all the chaos, I couldn’t help but be filled with gratitude..gratitude and peace.

Perspective will do that.

The truth is, I may not get everything on my list accomplished this week and so what? Sitting in the clinic waiting room in a forced ‘time-out’ gave me the opportunity to take a deep breath and unleash a wave of gratitude over my busy health..even my to-do list.

Gratitude and peace.





photocredit:Hacia la competencia sociocultural











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