Who do you think you aren’t?

Seems counterintuitive, but why not jot down ten things you think you are not and consider how this list affects how you live your life.

7 comments on “Who do you think you aren’t?

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    Posted this two years ago – Still consider this a thought provoking quote and a useful exercise.


  2. Great idea! Too ,many times I compare myself to people who seem to have it all. It’s an illusion, of course, but can have a very adverse effect on my mental health. This is a wonderful way to tease those ideas out and realize anew that I’m okay and so is everybody else. Gazing into the darkness can leave us blind to the light.

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    • My friend and I had a long talk about this the other morning..about how our negative “self-impressions” turn into self imposed limitations that often go unchallenged. The goal of the exercise wasn’t about comparisons to others but simply recognizing the affect that our critical self-assessments have on our lives. I had written a few about myself that my friend disagreed with BUT we both identified other traits that we felt I could (and should) challenge..for no other reason than to break down barriers and constraints I created for myself that have made my life..”smaller.”– It was interesting…👍

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