Staying plugged in.

I took a few minutes yesterday to run the vacuum in our townhouse. I was in a bit of a rush, because I wanted to “hit” all of the rooms before my husband walked through the door.  I was preoccupied and in a hurry so I kept accidentally pulling the plug out of various outlets as I scurried along and went beyond the reach of the electric cord. Over and over I had to stop what I was doing and plug back in.

Sometimes I see truisms about life in the most mundane activities; like vacuuming.

This morning as I lay in bed,  I thought about how important it is for us as humans to stay connected to a power source. For me, this power comes directly from my relationship with God.  Far from being an abstract concept, this is as real and concrete as plugging an appliance into the wall.  I go to a wonderful church every week that quite literally fills my soul with hope. I attend a Tuesday bible study with a group of dynamic friends who support and educate each other. I read and pray every day.

Like a vacuum, having access to this power is inexorably linked to the entire purpose of my existence. I can’t fulfill my function without it. The point of my life, if I really wanted to distill it down to a simple concept, is to be a member of “Team God.”  I want His love and peace and grace and goodness and forgiveness to course through me into a world where hatred, violence, resentment, revenge and darkness run rampant. I want to be the smile, a hug,  hope and encouragement for those who need it most.  But I can’t do it if I’m not plugged into my power source. Like a vacuum, I am completely ineffective the moment I lose that connection.


Would you waste your time pushing around a heavy vacuum that’s not plugged in? I’m sure you would say “heck no” to something so obviously fruitless, and yet haven’t we all flopped into bed at least once feeling like that’s exactly how we spent our day? 

While most of us probably have long “to do” lists that plot out the course of our week- maybe we need to remind ourselves more often of the actual greater purpose of our lives. That doesn’t mean we stop teaching kids, healing the sick or changing tires if that’s our simply reminds us of the over-arching point of it all:

To be a force for good

To remind ourselves (often) of our greater purpose and

to stay plugged into the source of unending and limitless power.




photocredit:Steve Tolbert Ministries









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