I’m sure I didn’t have it when I was in my twenties…

and I’m not talking about that cocky kind of confidence, but the quiet stuff that blooms from deep inside once certain weeds have been pulled:

those would be the weeds of self-doubt,

the exhausting need to “measure up”

and caring too much about what others think.

Maybe it happened around the time I entered into a lasting, serious, covenant relationship with Christ.  You see, as a Christian, my identity is found in this:

 You don’t need to be perfect if you are forgiven and this freedom is Miracle-Grow® for a human being’s heart and soul.  When our most basic need to be accepted and loved is fully met in Christ, it allows us to operate from an unshakable foundation of assurance which in turn generates a gentle, yet powerful, sense of self-confidence.

The best part of this confidence is rich soil in which to grow a purposeful, fruitful life.





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