Girl Power

Well, our daughter is safely tucked into her new apt for the semester in DC program. I got back to Charlotte yesterday.  I can’t tell if I ache from all the lifting, driving or from the hotel beds. was a major, multi-faceted operation (haha) moving her out of her house in Va and into her apt on the 11th floor in Washington.  We got through it with only one minor skirmish that occurred outside of her complex in rush hour traffic when we realized there was no street parking available. My daughter insisted I could park in the space designated for the city bus and we could unpack the car there- -I assured her I could not.  She made some smart remark “other people do it”..and then I made a smart remark too “I bet other people don’t bring this much stuff.” ….etc, etc, etc.

It was tense, but not for long, and within a few hours we had it figured out and done!! Back to back days of over 20,000 steps- and yes, there are blisters.

Girl power. 😉











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