Mute at the museum (well, almost)

My daughter warned me, and she meant it. “Don’t say anything dumb mom…”

I walked past the sculpture of the big, fat naked guy with wild, bulging eyes..

and I said nothing.

Ok, so maybe I said a little something, but it was under my breath.

Then I walked past the statue (below) facing piles of clothes and said something about my daughter’s messy closet. Snarky, yes..but I was using my hushed, “inside a museum” voice. I doubt anyone heard.


Then I rounded the corner..


and saw this piece entitled “yellow mattress…”

I couldn’t keep quiet..could NOT help myself!

It’s not that I wasn’t complimentary either.. I know what it’s like to try and get rid of an old one wants it!!

not Goodwill,

not Salvation Army.

You’re not allowed to toss it in the dumpster,

and if you leave it on the curb for the trash truck you’ll be fined.

Who knew you could call the museum and have them put it on display?

I mean seriously, WHO KNEW????

And there we all stood gawking at it..

searching for deeper meaning.



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