Two Weeks.

We’ve learned a lot in the last two weeks.


We’ve learned that tuna is graded as soon as it comes off the fishing boat, and that its oiliness, transparency and ‘fat wall’ are all key features in determining the price per pound.  We’ve learned that if you ever find yourself in a cooking competition, undercooking meat or fish is the fastest way to get “chopped.”  We’ve learned that the women in the Housewives of NYC are probably the heaviest drinkers in the entire Housewives’ franchise and that the TBS show “Wrecked” is just about the funniest series we’ve ever seen.

We’ve learned that it’s hard to create a satisfying game of scrabble if your first word on the board is puny, like “run.” We also learned that we should be playing with 101 letter tiles and that we’ve only had 73…probably for the last twenty years.

We’ve learned that the new “bushy” eyebrow trend is quite challenging to embrace.  There’s a scary, fine line between ‘just right’ and ‘total clown’ so approach with caution and get a second opinion before you walk out the door if possible.

I’ve learned that my daughter is much tougher than I am as she managed her way through this tonsillectomy recovery period. I’ve also learned that we get along much better now than we did when she was in high school.

I’m sure my daughter would have rather been doing plenty of other things at the tail end of her summer than having this surgery and extended down time, but throat pain aside, I’d say we had a great two weeks binge watching silly stuff on our new Apple TV, tossing everything we could think of into the blender, playing scrabble, shopping, shaping eyebrows, watching the eclipse and just hanging out together.


I know she’s ready to get back to college life, and I’m so very grateful she’s healed..but yikes, I’m gonna miss this girl of mine who has become such an exceptional and strong woman.




photocredit:Treat, Cure Fast,Pinterest




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