Shore Leave

 You always knew when an American carrier was floating off the coast. Tenders (little boats) shuttled eager sailors to shore in a back and forth that went on for days. Military police with white armbands patrolled the sidewalks ready to repatriate the drunk and/or disorderly with the mother ship at the very first sign of trouble.

I thought about those days as I downed a pack of M&Ms with my coffee this morning. I need someone to patrol our kitchen.

The problem my friends is obvious:

I get to take my Invisalign (braces) off for a very limited amount of time each day.  I’m here to tell you, when I plop those suckers into a cup, it’s the equivalent of shore leave for my mouth.

And like a sailor on liberty, while I’m not looking for trouble per se..

I’m definitely not looking for kale.






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