Option B- by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg had it all; a great marriage, 2 great kids, a great job (COO of Facebook) and oh yeah, a personal net worth of over a billion dollars..that’s pretty great too!

And then the floor fell out from under her life.

While on a fabulous vacation in Mexico, her husband basically dropped dead on the hotel treadmill. This book, Option B, takes you on a journey through her grief and details her herculean attempts to get her life ( and her family’s) back on track.

I loved Sheryl’s authenticity as she bravely shared her most personal thoughts and emotions; both the good and the ugly. The only aspect of the book that I did not like were the frequent additions of statistics and her commentary on social issues. While interesting in their own right,  I thought this distracted from her otherwise compelling story.  I wondered if she did it to inoculate herself against the criticism (that you know would be coming) from those who don’t have access to the resources/options she did because of her wealth.

In the final analysis, Sandberg’s story and the wisdom she shares were a worthwhile read, and I do recommend the book.  Below are a few of her “golden nuggets” that I added  to my personal notes:


“Resilience is not a personality trait, it is a lifelong project.”

“Some things can’t be fixed, they can only be carried.”

Happiness is measured by the frequency of positive events, not the intensity of them.

Post Traumatic growth includes: finding personal strength, gaining appreciations, forming deeper, more meaningful, relationships, discovering new meaning in life, seeing new possibilities.

The 3 “Ps” that stunt recovery:

PERSONALIZATION: the belief that we are totally at fault

PERVASIVENESS: the belief that this will affect all areas in our life.

PERMANENCE: the belief that the aftershocks of this event will last forever.

And this quote from Sheryl’s good friend as she sobbed and told him that she wanted her husband back was especially “poignant”:  “Option A is not available. so let’s just kick the shit out of Option B.”






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