Round Three

I came down to the old house thinking I’d paint the master bathroom and the guest room while I was in town.

I’ll be lucky if I finish our bathroom.

This is what happens when you are painting off-white over chocolate brown and tangerine; colors that seemed like such a great idea lo those many years ago- ugh..what the heck was I thinking???

Just the thought of a third coat of paint is breaking my back- or should I breaking my spirit.. You know that moment when you think you are done, but NOOO- you can see it..that old color still peeking through.

Three coats rolled over each surface, three coats hand brushed around three doors, three mirrors, two windows, the toilet , the shower entrance and of course all along the seemingly miles and miles of floor and ceiling wood trim.

This picture was taken right before I launched into round three..

Hey- sometimes you need an assistant. 😉




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