Change is SO good.

My husband and I helped our daughter move to a new city a week and a half ago.  This was a big, cross-country move and there were so many issues she had to contend with not the least of which was where to put her belongings in the new, smaller apartment.


After a few days of fussin’, fixin’ and tossin’ everything was “set” and in its place.  Her new apartment is sleek and zen with sweeping views out of multiple, sunny windows.

Here’s the deal; moving is a pain, but wow is it a great exercise. Everything you own is  evaluated in the light of fresh surroundings and new realities.

You ask yourself important questions like:

Do I really need this?

When is the last time I used this?

Why am I keeping it?

Do I even like this?? (Have I ever??)

Is having this helpful?

Does this serve my needs?

Moving re-introduces us to every single item we own and forces us to ponder the worthiness, practicality and functionality of each possession. It’s exhausting and overwhelming and a tremendous opportunity to get lean and see clearly again.

Change is SO good.


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