Wonder Woman

This was my husband’s choice, and since it was Father’s Day I obliged.

I had braced myself for the usual shoot-em-up affair and was therefore completely (and pleasantly) surprised when Wonder Woman unfolded into one of the best movies I’ve seen so far this year.

( I won’t divulge the storyline.)

This film is rich, exciting and fantastical without in any way crossing over into predictable, comic book hero territory. One of it’s strengths is allowing theatergoers to draw their own interpretations at several key points as the tale develops. In one splendidly crafted, deeply touching fight scene, your heart just shatters as you consider the parallels with our own American history and what it must have been like when civilizations truly did collide.  The point is made beautifully, poignantly.. without a lecture.  The producer creates space for the intellect and imagination of her audience to inform and enrich their own experience; that takes guts and respect.

This is a movie about sacrifice and duty, courage and accountability, good and evil. If you pay attention, there is a soft nod to our need for redemption woven into the fabric of this narrative; a thoughtful moment where mankind is found undeserving of being saved and yet…

All in all a very pleasant surprise..and yes, Chris Pine is 🔥HOT.🔥

As I told my daughter, this is the kind of movie you watch with your friends before you go out to dinner.  Trust me, you’ll have plenty to discuss amongst yourselves after you’ve enjoyed it.






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