Do you feel appreciated?

I’ll never forget my husband’s first month aboard a new ship, his first ship, stationed in San Diego. It was busy and overwhelming and besides having to prepare for his surface warfare qualifications, he was having a heck of a time simply trying not to get lost as he moved around the enormous vessel.

One evening, after a long day at work, my sailor came home and handed me a small envelope. Inside was a note from the ship’s captain “noting with pride the great strides ” my husband was making.

That was over thirty years ago and he still has that note as a reminder that appreciation is a powerful and uplifting gift.

The bored bus driver, the degraded cop, the emotionally drained pastor, the overwhelmed mom, the exhausted physician..

When is the last time you’ve simply looked another person in the eye and said “I appreciate all you do?”

It’s free, takes no time and it could mean everything to someone you run into today.

(PS- It will make you feel good too!)





.,Marc Scott Voice Over



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