The Cinco de Mayo Dilemma..


It was pretty chaotic… three of us squeezed into a tiny dorm room last week packing up and trying to move out. I was sitting on a box folding piles and piles of clothes and layering them into bins for transport. Every so often, my daughter’s roommate would let out a sigh and comment about how much stuff she had accumulated and the need to get rid of some things..specifically shoes. I nodded in total agreement.

“This is actually a great example of having too many clothes” I said disapprovingly as I shook out a balled-up,  wrinkled,  ‘Happy Cinco de Mayo’  T-shirt to show to my daughter.

OHHH, there it is!!” she wailed, “I was looking all over for it and couldn’t find it in time!!”……🙄

“But honey” I declared, “you’re making my point exactly. You have so little space for storage and every square inch is so stuffed to the gills you don’t know, or can’t find, what you do actually have… why would you take up one ounce of space in a tiny dorm room for a shirt you can only wear one day a year???”

“I LOVE my Cinco de Mayo shirt mom!! I got it for free at Taco Bell last year..DO NOT throw that away!” she warned.

I rolled my eyes (again), dutifully folded the shirt and put it into the bin.

My eldest daughter used to be a clothes hound too, and her dorm looked just like this. Now, her closet resembles a small, super-organized, airy boutique, so I know..I KNOW… there’s hope for my youngest.

Because at some point you transition away from accepting chaos to craving clarity.

You’ll know you’re getting there when you start tossing all those free T-shirts.


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  1. I actually give a lot of the “free” T-shirts to my son. I don’t like how unisex shirts fit, and he hates to shop. Win win!

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    1. Cindy says:

      That is a win-win..depending on what the T-shirt is advertising of course..🤔


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