Stuck on blue

I stumbled upon this quote the other day and was struck by its simplicity and truth. The only thing I’d change about it is the visual depiction of sadness as a light blue balloon that’s tied to a limb… I think a better representation of not letting go of things that make us sad would be this:

or this…

or this..

But no matter how it’s depicted, the cure is a choice

and it ALWAYS feels like this:





photocredit:Mental Health & Happiness,Wikipedia,Men’s Fitness,MemeSuper,Clipart Kid

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thank-you! 💜


  1. Love this! When we let go of the weights holding us down, we give God room to work in us. What a beautiful thought!

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    1. Cindy says:

      Recently, I found myself obsessing a bit over a situation, and when I prayed about it for the fiftieth time..I sincerely felt this one message..”Let go-I’ve got this.” I actually can feel when even my prayers take on this possessive, controlling quality- it’s I’m ordering something.. I finally just said..thank-you Lord, I know you’ve got it..and let it go.


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