The hidden benefits of doing what you don’t wanna..

My husband is becoming somewhat of a cruise director..minus the boat of course.   He is constantly scouring the internet looking for things we can do together now that we live in a city.

This week-end, we went to the ballet.


Now let me just say that we have always been much more of a sports couple..not so much into the arts. In fact I’m pretty sure the last ballet we attended was a recital for one or more of our kids- many, many, many years ago. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t really looking forward to the evening.

But guess what..it wasn’t just great, it was INCREDIBLE!  Maybe it was the fact that we were sitting in the third row; you could see the dancers’ expressions and hear them breathing after each dance. Maybe I could just appreciate all the work that went into rehearsals knowing it takes my husband and me about six months to get one ballroom dance down straight!  😏 Maybe it was the scenery or the costumes or the fact that the story was easy to follow.. Maybe it was the fabulous cocktail I had in the lobby…I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

I have no idea why I loved it so much, but we both did and I’m so glad we keep straying outside of our “comfort zone.”

Stretching one’s horizons truly is just as important as stretching one’s muscles. 👍




2 comments on “The hidden benefits of doing what you don’t wanna..

  1. I really want the hubs to do ballroom dancing with me. How did you win that one??

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    • I have always wanted to do it..for decades, but we never lived near a studio until we moved here. He gave me a gift certificate for Christmas ..I was surprised for sure. I mean we stink, but it’s still fun.

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