This is Us

Thanks for calling.


I was meandering through a local nursery yesterday looking for some herbs to plant when my daughter called from college. I found a bench that had a few concrete bunnies on it and sat down amongst them while we talked. I sometimes wonder what my kids think before they call me..

“Oh,’s been a week, I’d better call mom..”

“I am so excited, I’m calling mom!”

“Ugh, I’m so bored.. I bet mom’s available..”



All I know is no matter the reason, it warms my heart every time they reach out. 💜











5 comments on “Thanks for calling.

  1. Kimberly

    That is so very true! Madi called when I was getting ready to checkout at Target so I got out of line and lapped the store over and over again while we talked.

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  2. Yep! Everything stops when they call! It’s interesting. When one of mine calls, the other will also call within a day. They live 3 hours apart from each other so I don’t think they’re coordinating. Lol. A double blessing!

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    • Mine also get into cycles of calling or not right now, one of my girls calls almost every day..she likes to talk on her way home from work. Another two hardly call at all right now, really busy..another one texts instead…with four kids, I don’t go too long without hearing from someone!

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  3. I feel this. Exactly.

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