If you are the author of an adventurous travel blog and by chance just uploaded photos of your Spring Break tour through the dead zone around Chernobyl- don’t read on..  you will not be able to relate to someone like me.

This is a quick pat-on-my-back post for being able to follow through on three goals I set for myself last week- none of which involve an Olympic trial, losing 20 pounds, applying a nicotine patch, scaling a mountain or a geiger counter.


                             #1 Drink 68 oz of water a day

                             #2 Take all of my vitamins

                             #3 Exercise my heart (vigorously) three times.


That’s all I asked of myself (outside of my regular routine)..and I’m happy to report I actually followed through..yes, for seven whole days.

Do micro-achievements matter?

I’m a FIRM believer that they do because each small achievement is a brick laid on the pathway to greater things. 

So this week’s goal is simple: REPEAT



photocredit:FlipKey,The Quotepedia

2 comments on “Micro-achievements

  1. Every bit helps. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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