I’ll be honest..when I first heard about the big Oscar snafu I couldn’t help but smirk. These over paid, Hollywood elitists are pompous, self-worshipping hypocrites and after weeks of nasty, condescending, political bloviating it was truly satisfying to see them take this spectacular stumble in front of the smallest TV audience the Academy Awards has drawn in almost a decade.

While I didn’t watch the actual awards show, I did tune in to about ten minutes of red-carpet fashion commentary right before it started.  But after hearing “Oh my God” and “I love it” about fifty times I couldn’t take it anymore and had to move on…There’s just something about high-frequency fawning that turns my stomach. I actually read that Leonardo DiCaprio flew a “specialist” in from Australia to trim his eyebrows for the event. Yes, there’s Mr. Climate change himself adding more pollution to the atmosphere cause he can’t pluck n’ brush.  But what do I know, maybe the eyebrow specialist flew to the United States on the back of a migrating bird.

Ugh..can’t take it.

Anyway, so like I said, I was chuckling a bit just thinking about how embarrassing the whole best picture mix-up was until I saw this picture:


And then I started to imagine how this must have felt..going from extreme elation and happiness to utter disbelief, confusion and shock within minutes. You can see all of these emotions in this one photo- clearly the news hadn’t reached the man smiling at the mic..but it was about to wash over him like a tidal wave – how horrible.

It’s easy to be hating on a large group of anonymous people, but when you study their faces and think of them as individuals it changes how you feel. Let’s face it, an Oscar is the most prestigious award you can receive in this field and winning it changes the trajectory of everyone’s career from the director to the make-up artists. It’s about so much more than a statue on a shelf, and for two long minutes, EVERYONE involved with this film was living the dream until it blew up in the most humiliating way possible, in front of millions of people.

That just stinks.

I dare say there are many of us “regular folks” who can relate ..whether it’s an unexpected end to a relationship, the sudden loss of a job or any other situation that catches us by complete surprise.

No one likes to be blindsided.

I did appreciate how the director of this movie ‘took the wheel’ as the crisis unfolded and how he steered his stunned crew out of the muddy hole they were in. He stated clearly what had happened, firmly accepted the reality of it, graciously  announced the “real” winners, and reassured everyone with his calm, controlled demeanor that everything was “OK”…everything wasn’t great, but everything was going to be OK.

And I guess that’s the right formula to get us through the tough times:  An acknowledgement of the situation, recognition that it cannot be changed, identification of a path forward and an understanding that we will be OK.

We will be OK.

It was, in the end, a strong performance..

truly worthy of an Oscar.















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  1. “maybe the eyebrow specialist flew to the United States on the back of a migrating bird” HAHAHAH EXACTLY THIS.

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    1. Cindy says:

      …yup. 😏

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