Attention!! Attention!!

The tweets are flooding in from New York.  It’s fashion week, so OBVIOUSLY everybody who thinks they are anybody needs to score a ticket to some event and:

A. show up dressed as if they themselves are models

B. get photographed

C. tweet out said pictures.

“Oh look!” everyone is supposed to gush, “there’s Madonna having a deep conversation with one of the Jenner girls..”

What the heck could those two even be talking about…

and wow, are fishnet stockings street legal if you’re over fifty? (Hey-I’m just asking!!)


Pity the poor soul sitting directly behind Madonna and her Alaska-inspired parka-look. Who ever thought you could snag second row seats and not be able to see a thing?

And then there’s Paris Hilton, still obviously clinging to the fringes of the red carpet that was yanked out from under her by Kim Kardashian oh so many years ago. Forget showing “side boob,” her latest Fashion Week dress had a front that wasn’t technically connected to the back..this “side-body” number looked more like two slices of wonder bread magically clinging to a raw chicken cutlet.

This is a family friendly blog..so you’ll have to use your imagination: Here’s her dress, minus the peanut butter and the pat of butter and the orange shirt, chef’s hat, gloves, padding and oh yeah, there was substantially less material..think more hot dog bun-ish.


I’m a mom, so forgive me if I worried about what happened to her “sandwich” when she took a seat at the show..assuming she had a ticket. Heck, maybe she didn’t! Maybe poor Paris is, oh I dunno, stale at this point..maybe she just hung around the door for photos and then snuck off to some bar to get…toasted? 😏

That’s mean…

Anyway…every year I continue to be amazed by the lengths these so called “stars” are willing to go to maintain their relevance in our celebrity worshipping, click counting, group following, ratings hungry culture.  The old axiom must still be true- “If they are talking about you, it’s all good.”

Honestly, I’m actually grateful we have this circus competing for our attention. Without it we’d be left with nothing but wall to wall group hysteria over Trump..ugh.

sad clown

I’ll take the fun house any day..


.(note the earrings…haha)


photocredit:Daily Mail,pinterest,Fuse TV



1 comment on “Attention!! Attention!!

  1. I had to Google….the silver dress? All lace and no shoes? lol


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