New Eyes..

Sometimes you stumble upon simple but powerful truths that demand both attention and application.  This was the case as I read a quote from Marcel Proust tucked into the editor’s commentary in my latest issue of Savannah Magazine.  The real voyage of discovery, Proust wrote:

Is not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.

Hang with me on this one.. I couldn’t help but place this quote smack dab in the center of my midlife experience, which includes ever increasing anxiety over the wrinkles under my eyes and the droopy skin on my face and neck.

Let me be honest..

It bothers me and makes me feel sad that I am aging so rapidly and poorly.   Don’t get me wrong, I fully acknowledge and understand the reasons  why it’s happening- my life so far has been an amazing “ride” ….most of it under the sun!

And yes, I’ve heard all the lectures about inner beauty being more important than what’s on the surface… I get that- I do!

Other than how my face looks, I really feel great. I feel good about my life, I feel good about me, I feel good about everything.. so it’s not some deep, hidden psychological issue I’m tangled up’s just simply my old, saggy face that bums me out.

Now I will say that one of the deterrents to my pursuit of “new, personal landscaping” is what others have done with their “yards.” In fact yesterday a picture popped up of one of the Kardashian girls who quite obviously plumped up her lips..again. This girl is like the reverse of Michael Jackson with his nose..he kept wanting smaller and smaller..she is obviously all about bigger and bigger.

What does this girl see when she looks in the mirror ..besides her XL smackers? Does she ever think she’s gone too far? Does she sense how close she is getting to a comic book caricature of her former self? Does she need what proust describes as “new eyes?”


And she’s not the only person with money and access to the best physicians who has taken it to the extreme.



Why does that happen? Is renovating your face like renovating your home where an improvement in one area highlights the problems in another leading to more and more and more work until you ultimately run out of stuff to fix or money to pay for it.. or both?

Which brings me back to Proust’s quote again.. the part about seeking new landscapes. I mean, when I look at myself in the mirror these days, I feel I’m ready for something new..not new as in different, but new as in what used to be..

..does that even make sense?

Is it even possible?

Or does the pursuit of that which once was,

inevitably lead to us into a maze of strange landscapes we don’t even recognize?


I just don’t know anymore.

Maybe the answer really is in having new eyes..

less critical eyes..

grateful eyes..

that, and a jar of this amazing, new wrinkle cream I saw on Tv… 😉



photocredit:TheGloss,,,I AM Addicted To You



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  1. I’ve been struggling with this one, too. My face doesn’t look like it used to, and I’m trying to be OK with it while slathering spendy creams under my eyes!

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    1. Cindy says:

      Well here’s the kicker..I bought a jar of these super special oil capsules after someone I know told me that was what was she had been using..and she looked AMAZING..for real, I was like floored by how great she looked. So here I am about a week into the supply of magic pellets and I break out in a row of zits (I’M 54) big, ugly, pulsating pimples..the kind you put a bandaid on..sheesh! I’m thinking wouldn’t it be MY luck that the one secret formula the world had for wrinkles gives ME’s been two weeks now, pimples are in recovery mode-no new ones..and I am still using the special oils, cause damn it- I want to do the whole month to see if it works!

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      1. LOL that’d be my luck too! Although….look at SkinPen. It’s not surgery (and not cheap) but it has some promising results….

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      2. Cindy says:

        Is that like a laser? I’ll look it up.. at this point I’m desperidontcarite. (That’s a mix of some days I don’t care and some days I’m desperate.) 😟

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      3. It’s more like a tattoo pen being rubbed all over your face to stimulate collagen and promote weight loss in your checking account….

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      4. Cindy says:

        😰 Is that the same treatment that the Kardashian girl did and she ended up with little dots of blood all over her face?


      5. Could be. That didn’t happen to me though….?

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      6. Cindy says:

        YOU DID IT????

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      7. yup I did….it wasn’t bad. 🙂

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      8. Cindy says:

        Were you happy with results?

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      9. Well, it takes a few months to see results but it did smooth out my skin AND reduce breakouts by a TON. So yes so far, but I should see the actual results in a couple months. I did have a derm look at my skin and comment on how nice it is (and they usually want to sell you stuff…so….)

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      10. Cindy says:

        wow- that sounds encouraging. Where did you have it done, at a spa?

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      11. It’s a medical spa – they work with a plastic surgeon (not a candle-and-aromatherapy spa….more of an ouchy-bleedy “spa”)

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      12. Cindy says:

        hmm..i’ll have to do my research to see what’s around here. thanks!

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      13. Get on some mailing lists…they have specials 🙂


      14. Cindy says:

        Just looked it’s called the vampire facial with a derma pen

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  2. heyjude6119 says:

    I’m more into trying to revamp the inside of me. I’ve never done well in sunlight, I burn I peel, and back to white, but with new spots, so I’ve mostly stayed out of the sun. Therefore I don’t have as much sun damage, but I feel like my mind and soul are in need of help.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Me too..It’s kinda funny, I’m 55 and still a work in progress.


      1. Array says:

        Yep! I was so sure of myself at 20. I wish I had that confidence now. lol I guess this is the wisdom that comes with age? I just turned 57. I really don’t like how I’m sliding into 60. eek!

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      2. Cindy says:

        I was thinking the same thing about my birthday this year..I will be cresting over the 55 hump and sliding down the backside towards 60…NOOOOOOOO!!!!


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