Our Greater and Lesser Selves

I stayed up waay too late last this morning I allowed myself a few extra moments in my snuggly bed and turned on the TV just in time to hear the local weatherman say that “if you run outside you can see the International Space Station fly by in our clear morning sky.”

Tired or not, I love this kinda I hauled my old self out from under the covers, whipped on my morning coat and scurried out the door…

…and there it was like a big, bright star smoothly, silently (quickly) slipping through the heavens. I wondered who was up there.


Are these just extraordinary people doing extraordinary things..or regular people like me who had big, huge dreams..”normal” people who tapped into the resources they needed both outside of themselves and deep inside to muster up what was necessary to realize their life’s ambitions?

Over the holidays, I read a fascinating book called “Hillbilly-Eligy” that has me thinking deeply about “success and failure”- what it actually means and how

we as humans are in a constant struggle to break away from the gravitational pull of our own lesser selves.

How is it that a person can tap into the commitment and motivation needed to push him or herself through the long, difficult journey to become an astronaut when I struggle just to get myself down the road to the gym?








2 comments on “Our Greater and Lesser Selves

  1. I too have a fascination with things streaking through the sky; space stations, meteor showers, rocket launches and even your everyday jet! Great blog!

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    • Thanks Kim!- I loved shuttle launches most of all and am sad we don’t see them anymore. Once, we drove up to Cocoa Beach to spend the day and watch a launch..about the time it was ready to blast off..all “normal” beach activity stopped and people just started standing and looking North.. when the launch happened, we heard this thunderous noise getting louder and louder..I thought it was the was the sound of people chanting USA-USA..and it kept getting closer and louder until our section of the beach was chanting too..really a great moment..made me feel proud. 💜

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