Sitting is the new sugar.


I am almost finished..almost finished painting our living room and dining room. I never realized getting this job done would require such mental fortitude thanks to miles and miles (and miles) of trim…ugh.

Since Christmas I have painted 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, the kitchen, TV room and now the  living room and dining room. It feels great to see so much fresh color.

You know what else feels rear end!!

As some of you know, I have struggled with sciatica for years.  Over the last year or so,  it has become a 24/7 issue that never goes a constant tooth or headache. It can even wake me up at night and lead to hours of tossing and turning.

But guess what? I have had NO PAIN in’s incredible. The only thing that has been different in my life has been this painting job and the fact that I have pretty much not had the opportunity to sit down either because I’m too busy or because the furniture was all piled in the center of the room and there was no place to sit anyway. They say that sitting too long is as bad as eating too much sugar-and you know what?  I’m starting to believe it.

Could the climbing up and down the ladder also have helped?- maybe

What about the stretching with the brush?-maybe

I guess I’ll find out now that this painting job is almost done. One thing’s for sure, I’m not going to be sitting around waiting to find out.



.photocredit:Home Depot

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  1. Painting sure makes ME sore…and stiff. and cranky. LOL

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    1. Cindy says:

      Katie- I just got back to NC..long car rides like that would normally do me in for a long time…and while I did have some discomfort and took advil during the ride, I have no residual issues..this is nothing short of a miracle..I’m standing as I type right now..I just refuse to sit if I can help it..not having that constant pain is – I don’t even know how to explain’s so great..beyond great…but yes, painting is ugh.

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      1. The absence of pain is such a mental relief….like the day after a bad stomach flu, you’re so AAAAAHHHH to not feel the impending HURK. lol

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